30A – Dune Allen to Inlet Beach

There is no better way to get around 30A than riding a bicycle. There are many townships and villages along this Scenic Highway that are perfect for exploring, dining, and shopping. In South Walton County there is an 18-mile bike trail called Timpoochee Trail.

Bike Trail Features On 30A

This trail takes you alongside Coastal Dune Lakes, the Gulf Of Mexico, State Parks and Public Beach Access plus so much more like the unique 30-A neighborhoods. The Timpoochee Trail stretches from Dune Allen to Inlet Beach. 30A boasts more coastal lakes than anywhere else in the country. Make sure to bring your camera, you will want to capture all the beauty along the way.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

When you start your trek through the Timpoochee Trail in Dune Allen, one of the first things you will see is the Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. This park offers extra bike trails around Coastal Dune Lakes. It also provides bathroom facilities, a water fountain, and even a small shop. There is a small entry fee into this park.

Oyster Lake

The bike trail crosses the road just in time to enjoy a bike bridge over Oyster Lake. Oyster Lake is one of many unique coastal dune lakes along 30-A. Our coastal dune lakes are made up of fresh and salt water. These coastal dune lakes are a major source of freshwater for local wildlife. This lake offers a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

Blue Mountain Beach

When you near Blue Mountain Beach, there will be an incline on the bike trail. This is said to be the highest points of 30-A. Blue Mountain Beach got its name from the Blue Lupine flowers that covered the sand dunes in the area. This township offers good dining and locally owned boutiques. Redfish Lake is located here.

Grayton Beach

Just outside of Grayton Beach, you will find another dune lake which is Alligator Lake. Grayton Beach State Park is also located here. This park offers access to Western Lakes, one of the larger coastal dune lakes of 30-A as well as hiking and biking trails. The town also has some world renowned Restaurants.

Western Lake

Western Lake is the largest dune lake in South Walton County. If you look to your left, you will also see the Gulf of Mexico. The bike trail has unique bridges across the lake. There are lots of places to enjoy Yolo Boarding and Kayaking on this lake which can be rented in the nearby neighborhood of Watercolor.


Seaside is known most for the Truman Show, which was filmed in the area. As you enter the middle of Seaside, you will find the Town Square. Here there is a line of food trailers and famous restaurants where you are sure to find something great to eat. In the middle of the square, there is an amphitheater where you can catch an outdoor movie, farmers market and many other events throughout the Spring and Summer Seasons. If you take some time to ride around the neighborhood streets, you will find some uniquely built homes.

Seagrove Beach

In Seagrove, you can decide to stay on the Timpochee Trail or turn down Highway 395 to travel to Point Washington State Forest. If you choose to stay on the Timpochee Trail you will notice public beach accesses surrounded by groves of trees.

Deer Lake State Park

Deer Lake State Park is the perfect place to park your Bike Rental on and enjoy the long walkway over the sand dunes that lead to a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. This beach access offers a break from the huge crowds and is not usually occupied by many people. There is an entrance fee to get into the park.

Alys Beach

Alys Beach along Scenic Highway 30A offers unique architecture and structures along the road. You will also find lots of shade here due to the palm trees that line both sides of the highway. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a little shopping.

Inlet Beach

Inlet Beach is the end of Timpoochee Trail on 30A. From here, you can head back or take a break and enjoy the relaxing water of the Gulf of Mexico after the perfect bike ride.

Book Your Bicycle Rentals

Pedals and Paddle Bicycle Rentals are available to book online or call us for more information. As you can see, our area offers some unique bike trails that you can explore. We look forward to seeing you.

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